We enable young people to change the world ​through their passions!

Who we are

Fryshuset serves as a secure space for young people to explore their interests  and to socialize with friends and older role models. We are a non-profit organization founded 40 years ago, independent of religious and political affiliations.

Our vision is to empower young people to change the world through their passions. Over three decades, we’ve refined our methods of how to reach and work with young people in order to build their self confidence.


How we work

We foster integration by creating constructive environments where a diversity of  youths converge and evolve through their shared interests. For example we connect youths with role models who we educate to be able to assess each individual based on their unique needs.

We achieve our vision by creating inclusive spaces, building relationships, and adapting to societal changes. We collaborate with authorities and businesses to support youth in several locations in Sweden as well as globally.

In a polarised world, Fryshuset is a unique place. Everyone is welcome here regardless of what they think, feel and stand for. We always work for something – never against. Our work is based on love and a belief in humanity – with us, a nationalist and a globalist can work with each other in the same basketball team.

We strongly believe that all people can rise to their feet and head forward, if only they have access to support, fellow human beings and positive contexts. That’s why everyone – just everyone – is welcome here.


How we impact youth

  • We reach 1 540 unique young people every month through our schools.
  • Every month 12 000 unique young people can be found in our organisations.
  • We have 2 000 000 interactions with young people every year through our activities.
  • 50 000 young people visit our digital platform every month.


Core values in depht

The heart and lungs of Fryshusets 70+ different operations

Our values serve as our vital compass, uniting passions, perspectives, knowledge, and generations into a powerful force for positive action under one roof. Fueled by love and unwavering faith in people, we work collaboratively, believing that when we channel our energy correctly, everyone can rise with support and positivity.​

Building trust and connections, we create positive spaces for young people, where shared passions inspire motivation and faith in the future. Offering encouragement, trust, and responsibility, we empower young individuals to take control of their lives.​

Adapting swiftly to societal changes, we embrace the new and unknown with courage, seeing opportunities where others perceive problems. Our commitment extends to all youth, especially those at risk of falling outside society, with open doors and belief in second chances for everyone, regardless of their background. We prioritize individual needs, existing for those eager to engage and develop.


We are here for every young person.
Around the clock, every day –
we have something for you.


Our four main fields of operations

Youth culture, Music & Sports
Organized meeting places for youths to meet with others and explore their passions in areas of music, sport, culture and other interests.
Encompassing activities such as music camps, musical educations, skateboarding, basketball, dance, climate activism, as well as other separatistic meeting places such as LGBT+ communities and boxing classes for girls.

Preventative and Social org
Initiatives addressing aspects of youth empowerment change instigation and societal gaps.
Such as activity support for single mothers, fatherhood groups, interreligious dialogue, programs for those leaving certain lifestyles, crisis preparedness for the youth, and educational initiatives to prevent honor-based violence.

Fryshuset has elementary school years 1-9, High School (Gymnasium), Higher Vocational Education (Yrkeshögskola) and Adult Education (Folkhögskola).

Career Preparatory & Entrepreneurship
Our focus within our Career Preparatory & Entrepreneurship organisations is to help young people exploring different career options by allowing them to reflect around different alternatives as well as getting real experience by trying out different options

Young entrepreneurs with an idea can also receive the support and tools needed for trying out and realise their idea.


Where we’re at

Karlskrona, Kalmar and Nybro.

Hammarby Sjöstad and Husby.

Helsingborg and Malmö.


…and International partnerships in:
Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Russia, Netherlands, Armenia, Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Cuba and USA.