Here you can find out about Fryshuset response to coronavirus (COVID-19). We will continuously update this page with relevant information.

Fryshuset has several important functions in society. We run schools which provide lower and upper secondary education, Swedish folkbildning (a part of the liberal non-formal educational system) and vocational education to a total of 2500 students. Also, we offer an extensive range of sports, cultural and leisure activities for thousands of young people throughout Sweden and in different parts of the world. Moreover, we provide support to young people and different groups in society who need it the most.


The economic and social consequences will be higher if important functions such as schools and leisure activities are closed down- Johan Oljeqvist, CEO, Fryshuset


As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the world, our highest priority is that our schools, sport clubs and other activities remain open and are available to anyone who wants and needs to come to us. Especially now when so many other support functions in society are closed down.

What is Fryshuset doing with regard to Covid-19?

  • Our lower secondary schools will remain open to the greatest extend possible.
  • We offer distance education to students in upper secondary, folk high and vocational schools.
  • We postpone, re-organize and/or cancel planned gatherings of 50 participants or more until further notice.
  • Our sports, cultural and leisure activities will remain available in real life and/or IRL.
  • We make available and spread reliable and accessible information about Covid-19 in several languages to reach out to all groups in society. More info;
  • We provide online adult support to young people with regards to the current situation via among social media and digital platforms;

Our focus, as always, is meeting the wants, needs and wellbeing of young people who depend on our activities; the safety and wellbeing of our staff; and a commitment, wherever possible, to continue to deliver our activities, programs and services. At the same time, safeguarding the health and safety of young people, our employees and anyone working on our behalf is equally a top priority.

We continuously monitor the development of the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus and follow the Swedish authorities’ recommendations for travel, physical meetings and other measures to prevent the spread of infection. Also, we review staffing, plan for different situations that may arise and develop contingency plans both overall and also for our various meeting places.

We also continue to carry out our international commitments to the greatest extent possible. Presently, our global team are building response scenarios and undertaking preparedness activities with partners in many of the countries where we conduct activities.

Young people are among those most affected when unforeseen events occur in society.  A joint effort to create the right conditions for social cohesion, personal development and belief in the future for young people is required. We are open to creative solutions and we invite further dialogue in order to learn from each other. Please contact us if you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions on how we can achieve this together.

For more information on the current situation in Sweden:

Government Offices of Sweden

Swedish Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten)

For more information on the current situation worldwide:

World health Organization (WHO)

European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)